The 13th WBWE (World Bulk Wine Exhibition) has gathered 265 wineries from 15 countries and buyers from 57 different nationalities. The WBWE21 has been the first international wine fair to take place in the West in 2021. 

November 23rd – The 13th WBWE (World Bulk Wine Exhibition) brought together 265 wineries from 15 different countries and received more than 4000 professional visitors from 57 nationalities. The attendance from Spain largest exporting country of bulk wine in terms of volume accounting for 12.5 million hectolitres including sales of bulk and bag-in-box wine— totalled 107 wineries and cooperatives.

Producing countries such as Spain, France, Italy, Argentina, South Africa, Chile, Australia and the USA have once again played an important role at the fair, alongside new market players who are increasingly gaining relevance in the global scenario. Macedonia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine have also closed transactions during the first B2B fair held in the West in 2021.

The harvest in 2021 has been launched in premiere. Almost 80% of the international bulk wine trade has displayed at Amsterdam’s fair; this event has already become the world’s greatest meeting devoted to the trade for large wine volumes, packaging at destination, private labels, packaging methods for bulk wines and bag-in-box wine.

The supply-side displayed has been represented by varietal wines, wines with a designation of origin and/or with an protected geographical indication, as well as generic wines without distinctiveness for coupages, aromatised wines, sparkling wines, brandies and wine distillates; in essence: a broad and varied offer aimed at meeting the demands and needs of buyers with different tastes and seeking different tendencies.

Business and Quality has quite likely been the most-pronounced terms during this fair: Spectacular quality at the International Bulk Wine Competition (IBWC) and diverse and remarkable qualities throughout the fair. Wineries offering Premium bulk wines and wines with a variety denomination have been the most-demanded wines by purchasers; moreover, at this year’s fair, buyers have found the wines they needed in order to cater for a market with high demand and low harvests. The 13th WBWE has positioned itself as the best business platform for international buyers and wineries to close transactions.

The economic repercussions of Covid-19 have also been under discussion at the Conference, alongside how to face the new challenges of the market and the current logistical constraints.

New trends for the market’s future and the new packaging methods have been tackled and played a significant role at our discussion forum. Design, alternative packaging and bulk wine all go hand in hand. E-commerce and private labels have also been dealt with by experts from the sector.

We must stress the importance of the first-ever blind tasting session comparing canned and bottled wines carried out in Europe. Throughout these past two days, Robert Williams and Matthew Bauman have been demonstrating the remarkable quality of canned wines via this way of comparison. According to Bauman, “in 2025, 10% of the …….


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